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From a recruiters point of view… [4/18/18]

Staffing Specialist’s Point of View


Staffing Specialist: Joana Campos


1.) Why are thank you letters important to send to a hiring manager after an interview is completed?

“As a Recruiter I ensure my candidates are aware of the benefits of doing a thank you letter to present to the hiring Manager. I let them know that thank  you letters show the level of interest a candidate has regarding the opportunity for which they are interviewing. The candidate can also thank the Manager and additional attendees for taking the time out of their day to meet with them and thank them for considering for them for the role. The most important thing about this letter is to ensure that the Manager knows that they are highly capable of doing the job they interviewed for, and that they would thrive in it as well.  Managers take their time to hire people because they want to make sure that they are going to be a good fit to the culture and that they are going to be able to do the job with little to no supervision. Essentially a thank you letter wraps up the concerns a Manager may have and makes the candidate stand out. ”

2.)What information should be included in a thank you letter?

“It is always a good idea to include certain concerns that the Manager highlighted during an in-person or over the phone interview.  The candidate at this time can reassure the manager that they can do the job by reiterating their skill set and past employment experience.  The candidate can then wrap up their thank you letter by letting the Manager know that they are still interested after the interview and that they appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the position.”

3.) How soon should you send it?

“With thank you letters it is ideal to send one to a hiring Manager within 24 hours after an interview has taken place. This gives you one last opportunity to make a lasting impression on the Manager and shows your immediate interest in the position.”