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From a recruiters point of view… [4/25/18]


Staffing Specialist’s Point of View


Sr. Staffing Specialist: Sabrina Capozzi-Herrera

1.) Why is an interview prep vital before your interview?

“We (The CRS Group) always like to make sure that the candidates we are working with feel 100% prepared for their interview. Having an interview prep allows us to set aside time with a candidate (either over the phone or in person before the interview) to provide additional key details that we have learned while working with specific hiring managers and clients throughout the years.”


2.) What is covered during an interview prep?

“During our interview preps we like to cover a few things to make sure you are fully prepared. One of these items is to go over the logistics of the interview. Even though we send out an email with things like the location for an in person interview, call details for a phone interview and the overall job description; we still like to address these items during the prep stage to make sure you are well prepared for a successful interview.  This includes being confident on where you need to go once you arrive and to make sure we pass along tips and any other pertinent information given to us from the hiring manager. We also like to make sure you have a full understanding of the position and the expectations going forward with the CRS Group. Our Account Managers at the CRS Group will also attend the preps to go over who you will be speaking with and give you more information on what the team composition looks like (if available) as well as the overall environment in which you could potentially work in with that particular company.”


“To us, there is nothing more important than making sure our candidates feel comfortable working with us and making sure they have been given all the tools needed to ace their interview. By doing this, we can also ensure that we are sending exceptional candidates to our clients and building rapport across all channels in the process.”