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How to Build A Successful Relationship With A Recruiter

We’ve interviewed each our Staffing Specialists at The CRS Group to compile this list of what job seekers can expect when one of our Recruiters reaches out to them, and also, what our Recruiters want from those on the job hunt, to make getting them employed a better overall process. 

What should job seekers be expecting of you, as a recruiter?

They can expect us to walk them through the job description – Since some applicants will not be familiar with contract work, we will explain the process to them. Then, they should expect us to ask them personal questions about what they are looking for, and questions about their resume. We will then make sure they are a good fit for the role, and I’ll ask about working with them to begin editing the resume to increase their chances of receiving an interview.

Give detailed information about the job we’re recruiting for – They should expect me to have all the information for them or be willing to get the info they need. If they ask questions about things the hiring manager would be responsible for, we will let them know to ask in the interview. They should also be comfortable giving you the client name, not details for the hiring manager or anything too detailed, but who you’d be working for and where you’d be working in terms of location/environment. They should understand the client, know what the environment is, understand the position, and know what the resume needs to look like. Recruiters should also let you know how long the hiring process usually takes for the job.

To work with you on your resume – We will work with you on it to make the necessary improvements, and then send it back to you to let you approve of it before sending it over to our clients.

To ask you how you want to be communicated with – We will ask how often, what days/times, and what method, is best for you. You can expect clear, regular communication roughly 1-2 times a week (or as often as you predetermine with your Recruiter). You can usually expect feedback or updates within 3 days, whether it’s insight from an interview, to prepare you before an interview, or to let you know you’ve got an offer. We will be available to you, and honest in our communication, as often as you need.

To build a relationship with you – A good recruiter should try to get to know you, as both a job seeker and a person. We will ask questions about the distance you’d like to work from home, the contract length you’d prefer, whether or not you need access to public transit, what you’re looking for in the day-to-day of your job, if you need benefits, what your deal breakers are, and more. We want to know exactly what you’re looking for. Recognize that you are working with someone who has your best interest at heart. If you’re a good candidate to work with, you can expect us to work with you on more than one opportunity to increase your chances of getting hired. We will let you know of other opportunities as they become available, if they match what you are looking for.

To be transparent – We will be honest, because that is what we expect from you in return. If I don’t get you an interview, I understand that you will likely work with other recruiters, so I will be straightforward and honest with you to put you in the best position possible.

What do you want/expect from candidates when working with them?

Be available – Please have some scheduling availability for calls, be open to conversations, and be reachable! Keep in mind we don’t talk to hundreds of people for one job, we are targeting the right people for that specific job. So be available for us to reach you, either by text, phone, or email. We understand people have lives outside of their job search, so please let us know which is the best way to communicate with you, and when. Your commitment and how fast you respond shows how you might act on contract, so if you’re flaky, you’re showing us you might not be someone we want to work with. However, if you are open and reachable, we will go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for you. So please get back to us when we try to contact you, and maintain an open line of communication with us. And please make sure to have your voicemail box set up!

Communicate with me – Checking in with me 1-2 times a week reminds to provide you with updates on your job search. Whether you are actively or passively job searching, let me know, if this isn’t your number 1 priority, let me know. When I reach out to you for interview availability, respond to me as soon as possible, even if it is just a quick email or text, if you can’t take a call. Our clients don’t wait too long and we don’t want to lose great candidates because of time-sensitive scheduling. I’m not calling to waste your time; I’m trying to give you actionable steps. Don’t ghost your recruiter. We represent 20 other Fortune 500 companies, so chances are we can find a great match for you with one of our clients, but you need to be upfront and professional. Building a relationship with a recruiter will make it easier to get a job. If I had contact with you, I will think of you whenever I get a new job.  And please let me know if you’re no longer interested or if something changes, like if you get an offer elsewhere.

Be honest and transparent – Be truthful about everything that you have going on in your job search. I honestly want to know your schedule, what you’re doing, what your plans are, and what you’re looking for. Keep in contact, and give me updates. Be honest if you decide this position is not a good fit, or if you’re no longer interested after an interview. We want to get the right fit for the client and for the candidate. Also, tell me why it’s not a good fit, so I can keep it in mind when presenting you with future jobs. Don’t be afraid to rank the jobs you’re interviewing for in order of interest, and tell me where the job I’m presenting you with falls. Our advice would be to interview even if you’re close to landing another job, and after the interview give us your honest feedback on how it went. Most of the time, you can share certain things with us that you wouldn’t necessarily say to the Hiring Manager. Be efficient when it comes to writing and sending a thank you letter, and please remember to just be respectful of everyone’s time.

Have an updated resume – Include the months in your resume along with the year, because the Hiring Managers are going to ask for it. Have all your relevant experience and education on your resume including high school/ GED and your skill sets.

Commitment – If I’ve set you up for an interview, please attend! Never cancel an interview within 24 hours, and don’t cancel last minute. All cancelling does is close doors for you. You should still go to the interviews that you scheduled, that way you can consider all your options. If you aren’t available or not sure of the position, call me ahead of time so we can discuss it. We expect you to work collaboratively with us for the next few weeks. Please be reliable, and show up on time. If you get other interviews or another offer, please let me know. And, don’t worry about sharing negative news after an interview either, we want your honesty.

Ask questions and be invested – If for some reason, your recruiter hasn’t followed up with you, follow up with us. If we haven’t answered something you are wondering about, please ask us! We are submitting you as a representative of us, to our client, so we are expecting you to be committed. You should also be asking your Recruiter things like “How long have you been working with this current client? Have you had discussions with the leadership at this client? How many people have you placed at this client?”